Wind Weather Station

Wind Weather Station

This is a wind weather station kit for the wind monitoring, it provides real-time wind status, together with the temperature and humidity/air pressure, to the AWS server, and thus to help the sports enthusiasts to know, if it is a good day for sports, such as the sailing. Users all the world can get the weather status through the AWS server with the Internet.

This kit is also intended to help the new starters to learn about IoT hardware and related programming, with the same method, users can integrate any local data and share them on the internets with people that interest on them.

To make the guide easy to read, the kit is based on WIFI, while the 3G connection kit is in processing, which would be easier in real projects.

Makerfabs Wind Weather StationUI of Wind Weather Station
● Working voltage: DC 5V

Package List:
● 1 x Anemometer
● 1 x DHT11 sensor
● 1 x Basement board
● 1 x Barometer
● 1 x Waterproof case

● Instructables
● Eagle files
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