Dropshipping Service

Dropshipping Service

Makerfabs provide FREE dropshipping service to save your time and money, we can pack and ship directly to your end customers all over the world. Contact us now!

Why do I need dropshipping Service?
In cross-border e-commerce, many people choose to do dropshipping, because there is no financial pressure, no inventory pressure, easy to operate, no need to stock up in advance. After the customer places an order, you pay for the product from the supplier, and then the supplier is responsible for direct delivery to your customer.

If you choose the business model of dropshipping, for new stores/ startups, Makerfabs dropshipping service is an easy and safe way.
● No need to get the goods by yourself
● No risk of stock
● No need a large amount of capital investment (you can focus on marketing work)
● No need for customer service
● No need to pack and ship yourself
● We can deliver the goods directly to your end customers for your Kickstarter/Indiegogo/hackaday project, Tindie and other e-commerce platforms without our information. It’s time-efficient and cost-efficient.

Makerfabs Dropshipping service is available for all the products on our website and the electronic hardware or samples on your store, and also the hardware project on a third-party platform such as Kickstarter/ Indiegogo/ hackaday, which you planning to produce but the suppliers do not provide dropshipping service to you(note: for this method, you should let Makerfabs deal with the production or ask your supplier to send the products to Makerfabs warehouse). If you let Makerfabs be your dropshipping supplier, we will responsible for inventory, packaging and shipping, even production/ assembly, so you could free up your time and efforts to concentrate on what you really like or care, such as finance, product R&D, creating work, marketing, and customer relationship.

How does Dropshipping service work at Makerfabs?

1. End Customers/consumers place an order on your website or store and pay you for the order at your retail price.
2. You pass the order to us or place the same order on Makerfabs website/ or send the order to Makerfabs project manager at wholesale price.
3. Makerfabs processes your order, then pack and ship the products directly to your end customers on behalf of you (without letting the customers know it’s from Makerfabs).

Who can use our Dropshipping service?

1. Retailers with an online store selling PCB, open source hardware, IoT Hardware, or electronics parts.
2. Anyone who is selling electronic products or product ideas on third-party online platforms like Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, hackaday, e-bay, tindie, etc.

Why choose Makerfabs dropshipping service?

Dropshipping is an order fulfillment method/ supply chain management method that does not require a business to keep products in stock. Instead, the store sells the product and passes on the sales order to a third-party supplier, such as Makerfabs, who then ships the order directly to your customer( on behalf of you).
1. Offer a one-stop solution to hardware projects from product design, manufacturing, assembling, testing, programming, packing to end shipping.
2. Thousands of products for options.
3. Global shipping. We can help to ship all over the world.
4. Backed by a specialized team, advanced warehouse, and logistics management system, your requests and orders are the first-priority-to-do anytime.
5. Help you develop a global market without taking the risk of inventory.

All those services above are available and FREE at Makerfabs!
(Note that Makerfabs will Only charge the shipping fee(by DHL or registered airmail shipping) will be charged from the end-users, with the same shipping fee standard as our own products. The shipping method DHL is 2~3 days to the USA& EU& JP, and 3~4 days for other countries and the shipping method registered air mail 10~15 days for all the places on this planet.)

If you're going to start a business and do not want to risk about money, a designer who likes creating thing but have no warehouse, a Kickstarter win the order but have no time to pack and ship, or anyone who interested with Makerfabs dropshipping service or any questions, you are welcome to contact us at service@makerfabs.com. Makerfabs are willing to be your long-term dropshipping partner!
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