PCBA Testing Fixture/ Testing Jigs Customizing Service

PCBA Testing Fixture/ Testing Jigs Customizing Service

As a PCB/ PCBA vendor, Makerfabs provide a turnkey solution that includes the PCBA testing fixture customizing service for your PCBA project.

The PCBA testing jig is a device that tests/ programs finished PCBA. In the production of PCBA test jig/ fixture, generally required the Gerber files and PCBA samples to facilitate the production of the testing jig.

Recently we have got many customers asking for PCBA testing jigs, for programming/ testing their PCBA. Although we Makerfabs do not produce the testing jigs by ourselves, as we have more than 5 years’ experience in PCBA testing and orders more than 20 jigs per month from our vendors, we would like to share our long-term cooperated vendors to our customers or help customers ordering the jigs to avoid the troubles of language/ payment/ shipping.

If you want to contact the Jig producers directly, please send an email to service@makerfabs.com, we would like to select you a proper vendor from our vendor list, so you can directly contact the producer, which is our long-term producer and qualified OK. If you want Makerfabs help on the ordering, send your PCB Gerber files to us: service@makerfabs.com, thus we will help to order the test jig from the producer, and help you deal with the problem of payment/shipping, with 10% service fee.

How Does Makerfabs testing jigs/ fixture service work:

What is the price of testing jigs?

Depends on the PCBA complexity and customer requests, the producer will estimate the complexity and quote, the starting fee of $55 for the most simple projects. For reference, the Maduino Uno testing jig $65.

What’s Makerfabs' role in this?

We would like to share our vendor list for free to any customer, so you can contact the producer by yourself directly.
Or Makerfabs can deal with these issues, to help customers to get rid of the language/ payment/ shipping problems, which the jigs producers maybe not good at, with a 10% Service fee.

How the jigs shipping?

Makerfabs can help to ship the jigs globally, but note that you need to consider the shipping fee when you made your decision, as the jig’s volume large, the shipping weight would be about 2.5kg.

What files needed to order the testing jigs:

1. The PCB Gerber files;
2. The pads you want to connect with Pogo pins;
3. For some complex projects, a real PCBA needed.
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